Science Reading Passage: Habitats and Ecosystems (3.4A)

Expository text


An ecosystem is a community in which living things and non-living things interact. There are many kinds of ecosystems. Some ecosystems that you may have heard of are grasslands, oceans, forests, deserts, and tundra. Each ecosystem has a certain kind of soil, a different kind of climate, and different animals that live in it. Each of the organisms in the ecosystem needs enough water, space, and food to live. <br /> <br />Think about a forest. In a forest ecosystem, you might see plants such as trees, bushes, and flowers. You might find deer, rabbits, and snakes. To stay alive, each of these organisms interacts with each other. They also interact with the non-living parts of the ecosystems such as the soil and air. <br /> <br />The plants in a forest ecosystem make their own food by using the energy from the sun. Some of the organisms in the ecosystem such as the rabbits eat the plants. Other organisms such as the hawks eat rabbits. Each organism in the ecosystem works together. They depend on each other for what they need to live. <br /> <br />Think about a terrarium. It is an excellent example of an ecosystem that you can build yourself. <br />You can add plants and a few small animals such as earthworms or pill bugs, along with some soil. Mist the entire system with water, close the terrarium and watch the ecosystem thrive. <br />


The main idea of this passage is-

  1. A. How to build a terrarium
  2. B. The major ecosystems of the Earth
  3. C. What an ecosystem is and how it works
  4. D. How the animals in a forest ecosystem interact

What is a good definition for ecosystem?

  1. A. A community of living things that interact.
  2. B. A community of non-living and living things that interact.
  3. C. The place where an organism lives.
  4. D. The non-living parts of a community.

Use the T-chart to answer question #3. Which list of organisms could be placed on the living side of the Forest Ecosystem T-chart?

  1. A. deer, snake, soil, oak tree
  2. B. deer, oak tree, earthworm, hawk
  3. C. deer, squirrel, soil, air
  4. D. soil, air, rabbit